Assembly Systems for Stabilzers

Assembly Systems for Stabilzers
Typical Products
  • Springs
  • Shock Absorber
  • Suspension Struts

Stabilizer assemblies like spring and damper are safety-relevant chassis components. In the interaction of suspension and shock absorber, the suspension struts compensate for unevenness in the road surface, which act as shocks on the vehicle to keep the body at a given height and prevent it from rocking. In addition to driving safety, comfort is also directly dependent on the connecting elements between the wheel suspension and the body, between unsprung mass (axle beam, brakes, wheels) and sprung body mass. The aim is to achieve the best possible continuous contact of the wheels with the road surface during acceleration, braking, on the straight and when cornering. Functionally, the springs are used to absorb shocks and impacts. During compression, the spring is compressed; when the spring is released, the shock absorber prevents rebound. Typical designs are friction dampers, lever shock absorbers, monotube dampers and twin-tube dampers. In the true sense, shock absorbers are vibration dampers that convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. Pounding noises on uneven roads, multiple reverberations, fluttering steering and uneven tyre wear are signs of defective shock absorbers.

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