Knowledge in Factory automation

Successful online marketing with xpertgate

1. Superior information benefit for your customer target group

High-end online marketing for factory automation is offered by xpertgate through the combination of our high-quality knowledge database with your informative company and product presentations.

Our knowledge database wins your customer target group through superior information benefit. Proprietary content with unique selling points is researched, structured and described by our knowledge managers and editors:

  • Systematic structuring and indexing of entire subject areas
  • Multidimensional database search
  • Encyclopaedia
  • Researched and audited supplier directories and complete market overviews

The database navigation leads via the encyclopaedia and supplier directories to your informative company and product presentations, which are convincing due to their objective presentation:

  • Company portrait
  • Product presentations
  • Application examples

Figure 1: xpertgate gains your customer target group through the convincing information value of our knowledge database and leads them to your informative presentation.

2. Ideal addition to your homepage

If your company and your core products are known to your customers, they will find you via search engine and inform themselves on your homepage. Regular customers in particular research in this way.
But how do "First-time buyers", "Optimizers" and "Switchers" search? Here xpertgate complements your homepage ideally:

  • „First-time buyers“ as potential new customers are confronted with the product technology for the first time within the scope of a new task. Information about solutions and technologies available on the market is collected before searching for suppliers.
  • „Optimizers“ are looking for new solutions to increase the productivity of their production. Here, too, the search and information for previously unfamiliar solution technologies is in the foreground, followed by the search for suitable suppliers.
  • „Switchers“ are open to a change of supplier on a project-related or permanent basis. They first look for a complete market overview before making a closer selection of the most suitable suppliers.

Figure 2: Ideal addition to your homepage by a presentation on xpertgate for customer segments according to supplier awareness and product technology experience at the customer's site

3. Topics of xpertgate

The online marketing channel xpertgate is specialized in factory automation topics, especially in the fields of assembly, handling and testing. Xpertgate‘s encyclopedia as well as company and product presentations refer in particular to equipment, solutions and systems.

Figure 3: Main product groups and structure for suppliers on xpertgate

4. How do your customers come to xpertgate?

There are four main ways in which users of interest to you can find their way to xpertgate. These include good search engine positions, especially for our encyclopaedias, as well as our proprietary channels online trade journal, registered users and the planning software Plan & Search-xpert.

Figure 4: Sources of xpertgate users

5. Your target group at xpertgate

On a long-term average, over 200,000 of the approximately 1,200,000 page impressions can be assigned to companies from certain main industries. Particularly addressed within the companies are the functional areas of industrial engineering (new systems planning), quality planning (test system planning), purchasing (capital goods procurement), equipment construction (internal special machine construction), process development, production and maintenance.

Figure 5: Percentage breakdown of trade visitors to xpertgate by industry

6. High visitor density almost without waste coverage

Benefit from the unique selling points of xpertgate by presenting your company and your products:
  • Editorially maintained database with proprietary content instead of "Internet automat for self-entry“
  • Quality leadership through precise keyword systematics and high-quality content, thereby:
    • 1,200,000 Page impressions per year in focused field of expertise
    • Highest visitor density (page impressions per displayed category)
    • Low waste coverage through high visitor quality (topic fit visitor interest and page content)
  • Proprietary customer channels and good search engine ranking (registered visitors, online journal, planning app)

We are at your disposal with our contact person for online marketing:

Name:Richard Ackermann
Phone:+49 (0)621 / 17828965