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TECHNAX S.A.S. develops, produces and distributes joining technology for resistance welding, micro welding and soldering. Offered are components, systems and special installations for micro-resistance welding and resistance welding, resistance brazing, induction brazing and laser welding. The main focus is on joining solutions for copper and non-ferrous metal components for the assembly of cables, wires and stranded wire, including compacting, as well as their connection to end connectors or assemblies. The systems are based on own welding and soldering components and are realized as table-top welding units, manual workstations, semi-automatic and fully automatic welding cells up to the concatenation production line, which can also include further processes. High-performance inverter power sources, welding heads and guns, welding controls, solder wire feeders and welding robotics are offered as own production components. Applications are found in many areas where reliable electrical and mechanical connections are required. Typical products are automotive components such as cables, coils, sensors and control devices. Important user industries are the automotive and automotive supplier industry, manufacturers of electrical technology and household appliances, as well as internal equipment manufacturing and special plant construction.