Ultrasonic Welding

Special machines for Ultrasonic Welding are used for substance-to-substance bonds of thermoplastic resin. The melting takes place by a high-frequency mechanical oscillation of up to 40 kHz by means of ultrasound. Metals can also be connected to each other by ultrasonic welding, but this method is different in detail and should be considered elsewhere. Common components for Ultrasonic Welding applications are hand welding machines, table equipment, installation systems for plant integration and turn-key special machines. Components of an Ultrasonic Welding machine are the high-frequency generator, the acoustic oscillating unit with converter (ultrasonic transducer), booster (amplitude adjustment) and sonotrode (welding tool), the control, a press feed unit and the machine frame. In operation, an electrical high-frequency voltage of up to 40 kHz is generated by the generator from the supply voltage to head for the converter. Piezoelectric converters are mainly used as converters, converting the electrical voltage into structure-borne sound waves which are changed by the booster in their acoustic amplitude and are transmitted to the sonotrode as the actual welding tool. A press feed unit presses the sonotrode against the welding location. As a result, a longitudinal oscillation movement which is at a predetermined contact pressure is generated, which melts the welding point by means of a high-frequency, hammer-like machining of the joint. The energy input into the joining zone is thereby ensured by a so-called energy-leveling sensor which is designed in the design of the product design. Ultrasonic Welding is mainly used for joining small and medium-sized thermoplastic resins. Due to the short cycle times of less than one second up to a few seconds as well as low costs with high unit numbers, the process is suitable for series and mass production. Important user industries are the automotive supplier industry, household appliance industry, general electrical industry and packaging technology.

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