Applicator and Medical Diagnostics Assembly Systems

Applicator and Medical Diagnostics Assembly Systems
Typical Products
  • Pen Systems
  • Inhalers
  • Nasal Spray Atomizers
  • Pregnancy Tests

Customized assembly systems for medication applicators and diagnostic products are medium sized assembly machines for pre-assembly and final assembly of medical plastic products. They are also suitable for clean room environments and have a GMP and GAMP5 compliant machine design. Entry-level platforms for the assembly of medical and pharmaceutical products consist of standardized cells for manual, semi or fully automatic pilot production and small series with up to 20 cycles / min. More complex longitudinal clock and ring cycle mounting systems reach up to 75 cycles / min. High-performance assembly systems for large series reach between 60 cycles / min and up to 1000 cycles / min. Integratable processes include, for example, joining by press-fitting or clipping, screwing, ultrasonic welding, glueing and dosing, siliconizing and sealing. Testing processes include image processing applications, geometry testing, leak testing or mechanical force-displacement function testing. User industries include medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry as well as plastic injection molding companies. Typical manufactured products are applicators such as inhalers and sprayers, disposable medical consumables such as pen systems, inhalers, nasal spray atomizers or pregnancy tests. Applicators and diagnostic products are mostly prescription products in the pharmaceutical industry. They are manufactured for the end-consumer and can be used without medical professionals. Simple and safe use, metering and administration are key features in self-care or self-diagnosis by the patient. Examples of applicators are pen systems, inhalers or nasal spray atomizers. Diabetes patients use insulin pens to inject the vital proteohormone. A typical setup consists of a metering unit with dosing and injection button, piston rod and punch, insulin cartridge for 300 units, cartridge holder, needle and shutter flap. Standard, semi-automatic and pre-filled single-use pens are available. Inhalation systems, propellant metered dose inhalers or powder inhalers are used to treat acute or chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). So-called asthma sprays bedim fenoterol, salbutamol or terbutaline. For nebulization compressed air, ultrasonic and vibration membrane technologies are used. Powder inhalers deliver a certain dose into an inhalation channel. For both procedures, a sufficiently deep inhalation is crucial. Nasal spray atomizers for applying the active ingredient to the nasal mucosa are available for single-use or multiple applications with or without a dosing device. The most common single-use diagnostic products are allergy and pregnancy tests, as well as rapid blood, plasma, and urine test kits.

Products: Applicator and Medical Diagnostics Assembly Systems

Suppliers: Applicator and Medical Diagnostics Assembly Systems

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