Medical Device Assembly Systems

Medical Device Assembly Systems
Typical Products
  • Infusion Port
  • Three-way Valve
  • Infusion set
  • Syringe
  • Catheter
  • Dialysis Kit

Medical device equipment assembly systems are medium sized assembly lines for pre-assembly and final assembly of medical and pharmaceutical plastic products. Depending on the degree in automation and complexity, the cycle times vary between 20 and 1000 parts / min. Entry-level systems consist of standardized cells and are particularly suitable for pilot production and small series. Furthermore, complex turnkey long-stroke assembly systems and ring-cycle assembly systems with the highest cycle time requirements are used, which can consist of several segments and up to 104 stations. Typical processes are joining by press-fitting, clipping or screwing, ultrasonic welding, sealing, glueing and dosing or siliconising. Typical application-specific integrated test processes are image processing, geometry test, leak test or mechanical force-displacement function tests. Users can be found in medical technology and in the pharmaceutical industry. Typically manufactured products are infusion ports, three-way stopcocks, infusion sets, syringes, catheters or dialysis sets. Infusion systems and injection products are single-use medical devices. They are used in the medical environment, for example in medical practices or hospitals. Infusion and transfusion sets for intravenous fluid administration and transfusion of blood or blood products such as erythrocytes, platelets or blood plasma are referred to as infusion systems. Infusion sets consist of mandrel, drip chamber, infusion line, flow regulator and connector, for connection of catheters. The spike is inserted into the infusion container. A three-way stopcock allows simultaneous, alternating or sequential infusions. The injection products include, for example, disposable syringes and safety syringes, the needles of which draw into the syringe barrel after use. Also central venous catheters for the repeated connection of infusions and products for the artificial blood washing with dialysis patients are frequently required medical disposables. Dialysis sets consist of needle part, hose, clamp, adapter and protective cap. They are used for extracorporeal blood purification procedures. Especially since dialysis patients have to be treated several times a week over several hours, the dialysis needs are correspondingly high.

Products: Medical Device Assembly Systems

Suppliers: Medical Device Assembly Systems

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