Image Processing for Quality Control


Complete machine vision solutions are turnkey customised machine vision applications consisting of the required machine vision components and engineering services. Turnkey machine vision solutions are required when standard universal user-configurable machine vision systems do not meet the requirements. Typical areas of application for image processing solutions are demanding applications with high part variance, high speed, difficult lighting conditions, unfavourable ambient conditions and complex inspection tasks. 
Solutions are implemented using vendor-specific platforms consisting of image processing components available on the market and supplementary proprietary software application packages. For the realisation of customer-specific image processing solutions, additional high-level language programming is usually required in sub-areas. Programming by the user is not possible. 
A complete solution usually includes one or more application-specific selected cameras with lenses and illumination as well as a powerful evaluation computer with the application-specific evaluation software. Engineering services include application technology with preliminary tests, programming of software and user interface as well as installation and commissioning. User training can also be included.