Functional Testing with Image Processing, complete solutions

  • Typical tasks are the testing of assemblies with optical functions such as lights, indicator lamps, instruments and displays as well as mechanical function tests in which the movement of an assembly is optically detected
  • Other applications include the inspection of fully assembled pressure gauges or the functional testing of automotive adjustment systems such as sliding roofs

Solutions for functional testing with image processing are customised image processing systems including engineering for automated 100 % inspection of components or assemblies with optical display elements, lamps and luminaires as well as positioning systems.
Typical tasks are tests to determine whether self-luminous components function and have the correct colour, whether pixel errors are present on displays or whether display elements show correct values. Checks of mechanically moving assemblies are based, for example, on the determination of initial and end positions as well as on the correct approach of predefined positions.
Depending on the application, image processing solutions can also include other functions such as adjustments, assembly inspections, plain text readings, etc. A solution usually comprises one or more application-specific selected cameras with lenses, light shields and/or illumination as well as a powerful evaluation computer with the application-specific evaluation software. This includes software programming, application advice as well as installation and commissioning.

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