Steering Unit Assembly Systems

Steering Unit Assembly Systems
Typical Products
  • Steering / Steering Gear
  • Steering Columns
  • Rear Axle Steering Systems

Assembly systems for steering units are large custom assembly lines. Typical project volumes range between 8 and 12 million euros. Cycle times of 30 - 150 seconds can be realized. System sizes range from cost-effective largely manual solutions for smaller quantities to standardized medium-sized systems (up to 220,000 pieces / a) to the largely automatic assembly line for large quantities in 24-hour three-shift operation. Assembly lines with a high degree of automation are usually based on longitudinal transfer chaining systems with free circulation or alternatively several rotary indexing tables. For linking and handling, robots can be used as well. Typical assembly systems are used for mounting mechanical, hydraulic and electric automobile steering systems in monitored and documented quality. The assembly lines include joining and process stations for screwing, press-fitting or greasing. Typical measuring and testing tasks are assembly controls, integral leak tests, electromechanical functional tests and also the adjustment. User industry is the automotive supply industry, rarely also automotive OEM. Typical assembly products are steering gear and steering columns. Steering systems are used to set the direction of travel of motor vehicles. They transmit the steering movement of the driver from the steering wheel to the front wheels. Smoothness, shock absorption and driving safety are important aspects of directly and indirectly acting steering gears. In passenger cars, steering systems usually consist of steering column, steering gear and steering wheel. Steering gears with electronic or hydraulic support are distinguished in snail steering, finger steering, spindle steering, recirculating-ball steering and rack-and-piston steering. Steering systems work with torque sensors, control units and electric motors. They are, for example, available as rack-and-pinion hydraulic joints.

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 Gefit SpA Alessandria, Italien
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 Kunshan FHS Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd., 215300 Kunshan, China
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 Tianjin RongDa M.&E. Technology Co.,Ltd., 300384 Tianjin, China