Assembly Systems for Brake Assemblies

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Typical Products
  • Brake Calipers
  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Discs

Brakes are systems for reducing the speed of motor vehicles. In most cases, they convert kinetic energy into heat via friction surfaces. A typical example of a brake assembly is the brake caliper, also known as a brake caliper. Calipers are available as floating calipers, which are increasingly used in vehicles, and fixed calipers and are used in disc brakes. As soon as the driver steps on the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is created which presses the brake pads onto the brake disc to reduce the speed of the vehicle. At the end of braking, the brake piston is moved to its initial position and the brake disc rotates again without any external deceleration. With brake calipers, the function of a parking brake, which secures parked vehicles against unintentional rolling, can also be realised. Depending on the model, electromechanical parking brakes are also available. Today, passenger cars use dual-circuit braking systems for safety reasons.

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