Hydraulic Leak Testing

Hydraulic leak testing systems are used for integral leak tests of hydraulic components and assembly modules. In practice, tests with high and very high pressures are carried out with the hydraulic method only. The liquid medium allows the generation of very high pressures compared to gaseous media with relatively safe handling. Basically, the hydraulic leak test is based on liquid test media such as water or oil, which enables tests with high and very high pressures up to several 1000 bar in particular. The hydraulic test method is used for integral leak test, pressure test, burst pressure test as well as pulse testing. Pressure testing, also known as strength testing, is usually performed at increased pressure in order to test whether impermissible plastic deformations or leaks occur. If deformation of the plastic items occurs or any quantities of the test medium escape, the workpiece is considered defective. Often the leak test is connected with functional tests. In the destructive bursting pressure test, the items are impinged to a continuously increasing pressure. The bursting pressure is a static pressure that, when reached, destroys the component so that pressure fluid escapes. The collapse pressure corresponds to the bursting pressure, but acts from outside to inside. The destructive burst pressure test is used for random sampling in manufacturing or development to determine the burst pressure limit of the samples. In the pulse test, the test items are periodically subjected to defined pressure shocks by a pulse initiator, to test their fatigue strength. With the pressure test method, the sufficient strength of components is controlled. Burst pressure tests and impulse tests are used in development and for production-accompanying samples. Frequently hydraulic leak tests are combined with functional tests for which gaseous test media are not or less suitable. Typical samples are pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic hoses, valves, cylinders, valves, instruments, housings, pipes, filters, diesel injection systems or ABS units. User industries include automotive suppliers and the aerospace industry as well as housing, valve, instrument and hose manufacturers.

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