Assembly Automation Systems for Hoses, Lines and Pipes


Hoses are pipes for transporting liquids and gases. In passenger cars, the spectrum ranges from air intake hoses to coolant and fuel hoses to brake hoses. Hose lines are hoses fitted with connectors. They are versatile due to their high bendability and are less susceptible to damage from high loads or strong vibrations. For hoses and tubes, the choice of materials varies according to the application and the mechanical, chemical or thermal load. Tubes are elongated hollow bodies with a circular cross-section and increased rigidity. They are used, for example, as semi-finished products, static elements of lattice frames and pipelines for solid, liquid and gaseous substances. Pipelines are constructed modularly from individual standard pipes, expansion joints, connecting elements, seals and pumps and can be connected to form large networks. Pipe classes can be determined by nominal pressure ratings and by flange and seal designs.