Battery, Battery System and Accumulator Assembly Lines

Battery, Battery System and Accumulator Assembly Lines Source: ANSMANN AG
Typical Products
  • Industrial Batteries
  • Portable Batteries
  • Car Batteries

Batteries are used to store or supply electrical energy to a variety of electrical consumers. Rechargeable batteries are referred to as secondary battery cells or accumulators and convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Chargers reverse the process and recharge the batteries. Voltage, capacity and efficiency are determined by the respective chemical structure. Primary cells consist of a cell with 1.5 V. In addition to variants in size, for example, 9V block batteries contain several cells. Typical examples range from device batteries and accumulators for stationary applications to automotive batteries. Industrial batteries and vehicle batteries are standard. Device batteries are mobile, encapsulated batteries, as they are widely used in everyday life. These include monocell batteries (AA / AAA), button cells as well as, for example, the batteries of mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, laptops, wrist watches, blood glucose meters or cordless electrical appliances which can be held / operated with one hand. Car batteries, also referred to as starter batteries or vehicle batteries, have a voltage of 12V (car) and 24V (truck). In addition to the starter, they also supply electrical consumers. The accumulator is connected to the alternator generator, which charges the battery while the engine is running. Safety systems, emergency or backup-power, solar technology, electric cars and industrial applications, for example mobile bar code reading devices, but also mining and diving lamps are exemplary applications for industrial batteries. However, they can also be used in vehicles or small electrical appliances.

Products: Battery, Battery System and Accumulator Assembly Lines

Suppliers: Battery, Battery System and Accumulator Assembly Lines

 Anhua (Shanghai) automation engineering co. LTD., 200120 Shanghai, China
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