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Assembly Line for Sensors and Sensory Assemblies

Product Assembly Line for Sensors and Sensory Assemblies from the supplier M.A.i
Product Features
  • Feeding modules for punching grids: Unwinder, punching systems with feed units, removal handling with gripper, Scara robot with precision gripper
  • Feeding module for sensor: tape and reel system, cutting and bending unit, transfer and assembly unit for pre-assembly of sensor in rotary indexing table (RTT)
  • Pre-assembly: 2x RTT with part-specific fixtures, 1x 6-axis robot with gripper, 2x Scara robot with gripper, 2x resistance welding stations
  • Camera inspection stations, cleaning station, camera inspection station for position and distance sensor to punching grid, plasma station for surface activation
  • Extension module SGM: Feeding module, cleaning stations on SGM, SGM 6-axis robot with parts gripper
  • Finishing: 8-station RTT with part-specific fixtures, punching unit for free punching, cleaning station
  • Inspection station for pin height and position, laser marking
  • Packaging: 6-axis robot with gripper for packaging finished parts, MAi tray stacker finished parts

M.A.i's assembly lines for sensors and sensory assemblies are customised assembly and testing lines for the production of a wide variety of sensors and sensor assemblies. The core functions of the assembly lines are feeders for punch grids and sensors, camera inspection stations, cleaning and plasma stations for surface activation and punching units. Handling is accomplished using robotics, including industrial robots such as 6-axis articulated robots and Scara robots, as well as grippers. Assembly is completed by laser marking and packaging with robots and tray stackers. In addition, the use of injection moulding technology is possible with the integration of a plastic injection moulding machine module (SGM module). Integrated here for injection moulding automation in the electronics area are the feeder, cleaning station and SGM 6-axis robot with part gripper. The sensor assembly and test lines from M.A.i are used in the electrical and automotive industries, especially in e-mobility.