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SPTC monitoring system for solar power tower plants

Product SPTC monitoring system for solar power tower plants from the supplier InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik
Product Features
  • Thermography solutions for monitoring the absorber of solar tower power plants
  • SPTC multi-camera systems for 100% monitoring of the receiver area
  • Reliable alarm triggering with defined pre- and main limit values
  • HD thermal imaging cameras with 2,048 × 1,536 IR pixels resolution
  • Temperature profile recording and - analysis
  • Standard PCs for parameterization, monitoring, operation, display, evaluation and playback
  • Fiber optic cable for interference-free data transmission
  • Weatherproof protective housing for harsh environmental conditions
  • System adaptation and adjustment according to customer requirements

InfraTec's SPTC monitoring systems (Solar Power Tower Check) are thermography-based solutions for fully automatic remote monitoring of the surface temperature of absorbers in solar tower power plants. HD thermal imaging cameras and optimized telephoto lenses ensure reliable and precise temperature measurements over long distances. A special algorithm for temperature measurement enables continuous real-time measurements, 24/7 absorber temperature monitoring and temperature control to be implemented. Parameterization, administration, display, evaluation and playback are carried out regardless of location using a standard PC. The flexible structure of the SPTC solutions facilitates application-specific adaptation. Communication takes place via TCP / IP. Users can be found at operators of solar tower power plants and in other industries.