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Compact fixture nutrunners KCX
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source: Alfing Montagetechnik GmbH
Product features :
  • Inline or offset output with spring travel 25 mm or without spring travel
  • Torque ranges: Straight or offset output with spring travel 13-48 Nm, without spring travel 13 Nm
  • Length (model-dependent): 174-257 mm
  • Weight (model dependent): 0,95-1,3 kg
  • Integrated torque and rotation angle sensors - Accuracy of rotation: +/- 3 °, absolute
  • Torque tolerance: +/- 7% tolerance at cm / cmk 1.67
  • Integrated chip for spindle identification and as screw cycle counter
  • PC-configurable controllers SMD10 and SMX10 or PC-based control SMX30

Description :
The compact fixture nutrunners KCX are extremely compact, particularly light and powerful built-in screw units for monitoring screw mounting. The drive is driven by high-dynamic brushless EC motors, which are mounted on the sides, which allows lengths of only 174-257 mm. The nutrunners are equipped with integrated linear Hall sensors for angular position detection as well as torque sensors for screw torque measurement. In addition, all AMT controllers can monitor the torque via the current consumption. The drivers have either a inline or offset output. The models with 25 mm spring deflection offer a maximum torque of 48 Nm, the models without spring deflection 13 Nm. The spindle data are stored at the factory in an integrated data chip, which are automatically recognized by all AMT controllers, which allows the nutrunners to be exchanged without parameterization. The nutrunners can be combined with all AMT controllers. The KCX compact fixture nutrunners are designed for the development of screw applications, which require a small installation space and minimum weight of the screw technology. Areas of application are stationary screw systems with one or more spindles as well as the construction of multiple spindles. Thanks to the low weight and the compact dimensions, the compact fixture nutrunners KCX are also particularly suitable for attachment to handling systems and robot arms. The application area is the monitored torque and angle-controlled screw mounting of functionally and safety-critical screw connections, also with documentation requirements, for example the assembly of airbags or sliding roofs. An operational screw system includes the screw spindles, a control system and the cables. The main application sector is the automotive industry.

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