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Leakage testers for differential pressure testing INTEGRAckprüfung INTEGRA

Product Features
  • Leakage tester for differential pressure testing INTEGRA
  • Automated pneumatic leak test in manufacturing environments
  • Leakages from 0.001 mbar l / s
  • Tests in both negative and positive pressure ranges from -1 to 10 bar
  • Typical component volume from 0.05 to 3 l
  • AutoTune function

Leakage testers for differential pressure testing INTEGRA are devices for automated pneumatic leak testing in manufacturing environments with medium to high requirements. By evaluating the differential pressure between the test volume and a reference volume or two test volumes against each other, leaks from 0.001 mbar l / s can be detected. Tests can be carried out both in the negative and positive pressure ranges from -1 to 10 bar with typical component volumes of 0.05 to 3 l. Higher pressures can be realized on request. With the autoTune and differential evaluation function in the INTEGRA version, the device independently determines the optimal process parameters based on a sample. For this purpose, the user has to enter nothing but characteristic values ​​known from the drawing. With the autoTune function, machine runtimes that are too long due to runtime specifications set too long or pseudo rejects due to runtimes set too short can be reliably avoided by inexperienced users. With the device variant LTS 670L, predetermined test sequences can be configured by setting the limit values. The INTEGRA version offers the possibility to create extensive test programs including the device control by means of a graphic color display. Up to three test or control programs, including different test methods, can run asynchronously during operation. Serial and digital interfaces and modules for all bus systems as well as for Ethernet and firewire are available for the transfer of measurement data. The quickShuttle plug-in single-button remote control, together with the built-in keyboard, allows convenient input directly on the device. The INTEGRA devices can also be operated and operated remotely.