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Customer-specific helium leak test systems

Product Customer-specific helium leak test systems from the supplier Dr. Wiesner Steuerungstechnik
Product Features
  • Customized integral helium leak testing systems with optional leak detection
  • Semi or fully automatic feeding and handling
  • Leak rate mass spectrometer: > 10-6 mbar l / s
  • Leak rate for leak detection: > 10-4 mbar l / s
  • Test pressure: 6 bar, 200 bar
  • Chamber volume: 280 liters
  • Helium recovery with high pressure generation
  • Pipe breakage protection
  • Option: Good parts marking
  • Option: Double chamber setup

The helium leak test stands from Dr. Wiesner are customer-specific leak testing systems for integral leak testing. Up to five component variants can be tested using changing devices and workpiece-specific adaptations. In the leak test, leak rates > 10-6 mbar l / s can be detected with a mass spectrometer. Good parts can be identified using a colored dot and label printing. The optional sniffing test is used to localize leaks with a sniffing probe that is manually guided over the surface of the test item. Configuration, control and visualization are carried out via an operating unit with a graphical user interface. The higher-level control is integrated for process control. The leak test stands have helium mixing and recovery units to reduce the test gas costs. The customer-specific leak test stands are used for integral helium leak testing with high sensitivity for 100% quality control of safety and function-critical components and assemblies in applications with very low leakage rates, for example when testing brake lines and fuel systems. Users can be found in the automotive and automotive supply industry and in other industries.