Systems for induction brazing

Product Systems for induction brazing from the supplier TECHNAX
Product Features
  • Customized semi-automatic and fully automatic systems for induction soldering - Brazing (450-900 ° C)
  • Contactless, targeted and exactly dosed heating directly in the workpiece
  • Soldering process possible under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere

The semi-automatic or fully automated systems for the induction brazing are used for the production of brazed joints by inductive warming. The induction brazing enables a precise and rapid warming by enclosing the workpiece by an induction loop and by applying a high-frequency alternating current which causes the current-carrying surface to be heated. The brazing process provides very good reproducibility of the heating and can be carried out under normal atmospheres as well as under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere. A working brazing system always includes a high-frequency power component, an inductor with handling and water cooling, if necessary a temperature monitoring as well as a PLC-based control with operating unit. Furthermore all systems are equipped with all necessary chaining and handling devices.
The semi-automatic or fully automatic induction brazing systems are used to produce electrically conductive braze joints between metallic components with geometries which can be largely enclosed by an induction loop. The range of applications is, in particular, the production in medium and large series, with installations from manual workstations being realized via semi-automatic stand-alone cells to the fully automated inline brazing station. An important area of application is the assembly of wires and copper strands. Inductive brazing is not suitable for sensitive electronic components which can be damaged by induced currents. Typical products are electrical low-voltage modules and components such as plugs, capacitors or contacts. Important user industries are the automotive supplier industry or manufacturers of electrical engineering, household appliances, medical technology or precision engineering.