Assembly Machines for Terminals

Typical Products
  • Screw Terminals
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Spring-cage Terminals
  • Insulation Displacement Terminals
  • Magnetic Terminals
  • Shield Terminals
  • Socket Terminals
  • Feed-through Terminals
  • Bridge Terminals

Terminals are used in electrical engineering to establish detachable connections. They are available as cost-effective alternatives to connectors in numerous variants and ensure trouble-free contact. Typical examples are screw terminals, terminal blocks, spring-loaded terminals, magnetic terminals, shield terminals, feed-through terminals, socket terminals and insulation displacement terminals. Several terminals can be electrically connected via a bridge terminal. To simplify the connections, the terminal designation in the automotive sector is regulated according to DIN 72552. There are many applications, for example, for power supply, ignition systems, motors and generators. In addition to automotive engineering, industrial machines and systems, terminals are used in a wide range of industries.

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