Automated Switch Assembly Systems

Automated Switch Assembly Systems
Typical Products
  • Light Switches
  • Device Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Automotive Switches
  • Control Panels
  • Steering Column Switches

Manual operated switches, for example light switches and unit switches, are electrical components for opening and closing electric circuits. Functionally, the on switch, breakers, the toggle switch and the rotary switch must be distinguished. The versatile switches can also be differentiated according to the dimensions or the design of the actuating element: rotary, push, rocker, sliding or miniature switches. The distinction between the signal switch, the unit switch and the protective switch depends on the application. Manual switching devices consist of electrically conductive contacts, isolators, actuating elements and housings. According to DIN / EN 61058-1, the switching state is characteristic: open or closed. Unlike relays, the switching process is mechanically and manually actuated and not automated by an electrical voltage or a control signal. Manual operated switches are also found in complex user interfaces, for example in control panels and steering column switches. Examples of control panels in the automotive sector are roof, steering column and center console modules. Depending on the model, manual switches can also provide a contact feedback.

Products: Automated Switch Assembly Systems

Suppliers: Automated Switch Assembly Systems

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