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Solenoid coils and actuating solenoids are electromagnetic components for electromechanical and fluidic applications. Solenoid coils move the slide of valves as armatures, actuating solenoids with their own armature are mainly used for positioning tasks, e.g. for locking devices. In the case of solenoid coils, a distinction is made between classic coils wound around a solid body and air coils. Typical coil diameters are between 22 and 32 mm. Solenoid coils induce a magnetic field to attract the armature of the valve, which is guided in a guide tube through the coil and up to the core pole. In this armature position, liquid or gaseous substances flow through the open valve. A voltage drop in the coil causes the stainless steel solenoid armature to move back to its original position, closing the valve and interrupting the substance flow. Depending on the model, versions for high-temperature applications, with splash water protection and for operation in hazardous areas are available. In the case of actuating solenoids, a basic distinction is made between pulling and pushing. The movement is triggered in each case by an electromagnetic force and is limited from the stroke start to the stroke end position. The return is effected either by a second solenoid working in the opposite direction or by return mechanisms on the component or customer side, e.g. return springs. Depending on the model, permanent magnets hold the armature in the approached position. With some actuating solenoids, the noise generated during operation is damped. Reversing solenoids, flap position solenoids and locking solenoids are other actuating solenoids. Solenoid coils and actuating solenoids are used in the automotive sector, for example for variable valve control, and in fluidics for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Actuating solenoids are used in linear slides, safety systems and locking systems.

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