Electric Drive Assembly Lines

Elektromotorische Baugruppen mit Elektronik und Mechanik
Typical Products
  • Radiator Fans
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Windscreen Wipers

Electric drive and motor assemblies with electronics and mechanics are integrated into vehicles. The common features are the direct connection of a motor unit with a movement mechanism, increasingly also with power electronics. Fuel pumps, radiator fans and windscreen wipers are typical examples. Radiator fans dissipate the heat of the radiator to the outside, fuel pumps serve to provide the required amount of fuel. Windscreen wipers are used in a large number of vehicles to clean the windscreens and also serve to improve driving comfort and safety by improving visibility, for example cars, trucks, aircraft, rail and water vehicles. They are driven by one or more usually rotating electric motors.The wiper blade with rubber profile, the wiper arm made of metal and the electric motor are part of a typical construction. A lever gear sets the wiper arm in motion. Alternatively, turret motors generate the two directions of movement of the wipers.

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