Axle Assembly Systems

Axle Assembly Systems
Typical Products
  • Front Axles
  • Rear Axles
  • Center Modules
  • Corner Module
  • Swivel Bearing and Wheel Carrier
  • Suspensions

Assembly systems for axles are large customer-specific assembly machines with typical project volumes of 10 - 15 million euros. In case of axle assembly, cycle times vary between 30 seconds and 180 seconds. Mechanized manual assembly lines as well as assembly systems with high partial automation are used. Depending on the degree of automation, manual displacement tables or conveyor belts are used as concatenation, in highly flexible assembly systems also driverless transport systems. Typical joining processes are screwing and press-fitting. Adjustment and testing processes can be found in axle adjustment stands. Also image processing systems for the verification of assembly completeness are common. Labeling is typical in tagging of axles. Assembly operators are axle factories of automotive OEM and JIT plants of specialized automotive suppliers. Swivel bearings and wheel carriers as well as struts are assemblies mounted on pre-assembly systems. Complete rear axles, front axles, corner modules and center modules are typical products in final assembly. Axles connect the wheels to the bodywork and form the main system of the chassis. They integrate numerous preassembled components of chassis and powertrain. Important integrated chassis- assemblies are axle suspension, steering, brakes as well as springs, dampers and stabilizers. Often, a structural integration of powertrain assemblies is also implemented, such as distributor transmissions and axle shafts. Axles are used in road vehicles such as passenger cars, trailers, trucks, commercial vehicles, rail vehicles, including locomotives and wagons, as well as in special vehicles. Typical designs are beam axle, trailing steering axles, steering axles, swing axles and axle stubs. Axes are complete assemblies. A basic distinction is made between front and rear axles. The front axle, for example, usually consists of wheel carriers, steering, springs, dampers, suspension, stabilizers and brakes. It is located in front and carries the two front wheels. On heavy vehicles, double or multi-axle configurations are possible. For independent suspension, the term front axle is applied to both axle halves. Depending on the model, corner modules are installed, which consist of the wheel carrier, hub, handlebar, damper, spring and brake system, also known as corner modules.

Products: Axle Assembly Systems

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