Assembly Systems for Car Seats

Typical Products
  • Seats
  • Backrests
  • Complete Seats
  • Backrest Adjusters
  • Height Adjusters
  • Neckrest Adjusters
  • Seat Rails

Car seats serve the purpose of comfort, ergonomics and occupant protection for the driver and passengers. Especially with the driver's seat, the adjustment of the seat position to the respective driver plays a major role so that the steering wheel and pedals can be easily reached. In addition to an adjustable headrest and a seatbelt buckle, the safety features of vehicle seats often include integrated side airbags. Most importantly, all occupants must be held securely in their seating position in the event of an accident. Seat structures must not become detached from their mountings in the event of a rear-end collision and must be able to withstand a load of at least 6.8 kN. In their basic configuration, vehicle seats consist of seat structures (seat and backrest or complete seats), seat fittings (backrest, height and neck support adjusters) and seat rails. In addition to these automatically produced assemblies, foams and covers made of fabric or leather are added. Depending on the vehicle class, additional comfort features such as electric adjusters with memory function, lumbar adjusters, seat heaters, ventilation systems and other special components can be used to achieve highly individualised equipment. Vehicle seats are used by automotive OEMs for passenger cars, commercial, rail and special vehicles as well as for construction and agricultural machinery. Actuators, sensors and the control electronics for vehicle seats are dealt with in separate and higher-level categories. Faurecia identifies the cost share of vehicle seats as 5% of the total vehicle cost (2015).

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