Laser Marking and Laser Inscription

Laser Marking and Laser Inscription
  • Marking lasers are used for direct permanent marking of workpieces made of a variety of materials such as metals, plastics, glass, wood or paper in high quality
  • Important applications include marking with codes for the traceability of safety and function-critical components and assemblies, direct marking with serial numbers, type designations and logos as well as or decorative marking in manual workstations, in the production line or in packaging systems

Laser marking systems, constructed as vector lasers for semi-automatic workplaces and linked fully automatic systems, enable flexible labeling of any content. Stationary and moving objects can be marked with high accuracy and quality using all common marking methods. Typically laser marking systems consisting of beam source, marking head with optics, control and supply unit are offered without protective devices and handling. Depending on the structure of the marking head, a distinction is made between vector lasers, dot matrix lasers and mask lasers. Vector lasers allow freely programmable markers in a specific field of work, which can be altered when using interchangeable lenses. The beam source generates a continuous beam of light, which is deflected to the workpiece with an optical system. Applied mirrors are propelled by galvanometer scanners, which consist of highly dynamic rotary actuators and highly accurate position detectors. As a result, vector lasers offer high accuracy and speed, suitable for both stationary and moving objects. They are typically used in the packaging industry. Dot-matrix lasers are used to create single-line labels, even with flexible content but on moving workpieces only. Mask lasers use templates to create fixed markings of lower quality in high volume on stationary and moving objects. Dot-matrix lasers mark a matrix of a few given points only. When speaking of dot-matrix lasers, a distinction is made between single and multiple laser systems, all of which working with light pulses. Single-laser systems generate light pulses that reach the marking surface via a deflection unit. For multi-laser systems each laser is aligned at a different angle across a fixed optic in a vertical line to another point of the matrix. Dot-matrix lasers can be used to create a contiguous mark, given the workpiece is moving. Another possibility is mask labeling, in which a laser pulse is passed through the openings of a template and projected via optics. The most common marking head design for laser marking devices is the freely programmable vector laser. Nd: YAG laser and fiber lasers with wavelengths of 1062-1064 nm or carbon dioxide gas lasers offer wavelengths of 930 or 10.6 microns in the mid-infrared range.

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