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Hand toggel presses series EP / APK / VK

Product Hand toggel presses series EP / APK / VK from the supplier mäder pressen
Product Features
  • Manual toggle press for manual work stations
  • High pressing force at the stroke end
  • Nominal forces: model-dependent 5-30 kN
  • Stroke: model-dependent solid strokes 30, 40 and 60 mm
  • Working height: model-dependent 40-375 mm
  • Round ram or torsion-square ram
  • Optional pressure point Fine adjustment: Adjustment accuracy 0.02 mm, adjustment range 1.5 mm
  • Force/distance monitoring possible

The EP / APK / VK series of hand toggle presses are used for manual joining with nominal forces of 5-30 kN. The presses are operated by manually depressing a hand gear with support by a toggel which causes a large pressing force at the end of the lifting movement. Depending on the model, fixed strokes of 30, 40 and 60 mm are available as well as adjustable working heights of 40-375 mm. The maximum outreach is 250 mm. The maximum press-in depth is limited by the extended position of the toggle. The EP / APK presses have round tappets, while the VK series has twist-resistant four-bar tappets. An optional pressure point fine adjustment allows the high-precision adjustment of the bottom dead center with an accuracy of 0.02 mm. By means of an optional return stroke lock, a reproducible reaching of the injection depth can be ensured. If necessary, the return stroke lock can be unlocked in any position. The presses are maintenance-free and long-lasting.
Range of application of the hand-operated toggel presses series EP / APK / VK is the construction of workstations for riveting, crimping, caulking, marking as well as cutting by punching and cutting with press forces up to 30 kN. The hand toggel presses are suitable for the production of small and medium series and can be used for changing products or individual pieces due to their easy adjustability. The press systems are universally applicable and can be found in a variety of user industries such as the automotive supply and automotive industry, aerospace engineering, medical technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, as well as in the workshop sector.