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Assembly machines for car chassis components with ball joints

Product Assembly machines for car chassis components with ball joints from the supplier Kiener Maschinenbau
Product Features
  • Assembly machines with application-specific equipment
  • Processes (typical): greasing, pressing, ultrasonic welding, crimping, fairs, torque testing, leak testing
  • Cycle times up to 5.5 seconds per side of the joint
  • Part feeding: fully automatic, secure process
  • Up to 24 stations with fixed timing
  • Satellite round tables for pre-assembly

Kiener offers fully automatic assembly machines for car chassis components with ball joints. They are delivered as customer-specific turnkey systems with feeding, linking and handling devices and used, for example, for the assembly of transverse links and tie bars, hinged supports and external joints with one or two ball joints. Prior to the assembly, surveys as well as feature presence checks are carried out on the housings and ball studs. Optionally, a folding bellow leak test can be integrated. Typical components are transverse links and tension struts, pendulum supports and external joints of various designs. User industries are the automotive and automotive supply industries. The turnkey assembly machines operate on the rotary indexing principle and include application-specific up to 24 process stations as well as all necessary feeding, linking and handling devices. They impress with their compact design, cycle times of up to 5.5 seconds per joint side and the fully automatic, process-reliable feeding of the parts.