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Assembly systems PILOT MED

Product Assembly systems PILOT MED from the supplier IMA Medtech
Product Features
  • Modular assembly systems for pilot production and small series
  • Standardized process modules can be exchanged quickly and easily
  • Integration of manual, semi-automatic and fully automated stations
  • up to 20 cycles / min
  • Workpiece transfer system with free circulation between the assembly cells
  • interchangeability: LINEAR MED, ROTARY MED

Turn-key assembly systems PILOT MED are modular entry-level platforms for the assembly of medical and pharmaceutical products in small series. They consist of standardized cells for automatic, semi-automatic or manual assembly. Exemplary cycle times are 20 cycles per minute. Concatenation takes place by means of a free workpiece carrier rotation between the mounting cells as well as a clocked rapid-feed concatenation within the assembly cell. Process modules are interchangeable. PILOT MED are used in the clean room as well. Exemplary products are devices for self-medication and self-diagnosis. 
The assembly systems include the mechanical engineering, all the necessary feeding, concatenation and handling devices, the customer-specific process modules, the control unit and software as well as the integration into the production environment. They are constructed as far as possible from standardized modular interchangeable cells.