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Image processing solution IQVision Assembly inspection and completeness check

Product Features:
  • PC-based image processing system for assembly control and completeness checking
  • Test performance typically 1-2 parts/s
  • Subpixel accurate positioning (2/40 pixels)
  • Determination of the scaling factor down to 0.05
  • Angle measurement: up to 0.02°
  • Analog and digital cameras via frame grabber, USB, FireWire or GigE
  • Expandable to up to 16 cameras
  • CCD/CMOS cameras up to 2500 x 2000 pixel resolution
  • Operating systems Windows XP
  • Menu-configurable sequence control, expandable with script programming
  • Test plan and task management
  • Digital input/output card for communication with the PLC

The image processing solution IQVision assembly inspection is a PC-based image processing system for assembly inspection and completeness checking. A combination with other applications such as print image inspection is possible. The image processing offers powerful functions for position correction and image rectification. With the multi-processor capable PC platform, inspections with up to 16 b/w and color cameras can be realized. The typical inspection speed is 1-2 test objects/s. 
A graphical user interface is used to teach the user the test tasks by selecting the relevant objects and features with the mouse and then entering the parameters. A script programming also offers the possibility to define complicated test sequences. The customer-specific system interface equipment allows integration into a production line, data exchange with higher-level control systems and remote maintenance via remote access.