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Image processing solution IQVision Display control

Product Image processing solution IQVision Display control from the supplier Grude Systeme GmbH
Product Features
  • Image processing solution for optical quality control and functional testing of LCD displays and LEDs
  • Test output typically 1-10 parts/min (depending on the display activation time)
  • Subpixel accurate positioning (2/40 pixels)
  • Expandable to up to 16 cameras
  • CCD/CMOS cameras up to 2500 x 2000 pixel resolution
  • Progressive scan and pan/tilt head cameras
  • Operating systems Windows XP
  • Menu-configurable sequence control, expandable with script programming
  • Test plan and task management
  • Digital input/output card for communication with the PLC

The image processing solution IQVision display control is a PC-based image processing system for optical quality inspection of LCD displays. Criteria such as fully formed elements, background colours, contrast ratios and edge sharpness of the display elements are checked up to the Sub-DOT control for colour displays. A combination with other applications is possible. With the multi-processor capable PC platform, inspections with up to 16 b/w and colour cameras are realized. The typical test speed is 1-10 test pieces/min.
The test tasks are taught-in by the user via a graphical user interface by selecting the relevant objects and features by mouse and then entering the parameters. A script programming also offers the possibility to define complicated test sequences. The customer-specific system interface equipment allows integration into a production line, data exchange with higher-level control systems and remote maintenance via remote access.