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High performance Nd:YVO4 laser systems and laser marker CONQUEROR-CORE

Product High performance Nd:YVO4 laser systems and laser marker CONQUEROR-CORE from the supplier Compact Laser Solutions
Product Features
  • Very compact laser systems CONQUEROR-CORE for integration into production systems
  • On request supplied by CLS as complete laser marking systems with extensive software
  • Wavelengths CONQUEROR-CORE u. -ALL-IN-ONE: 355 nm (UV) or 532 nm (green) or 1064 nm (IR)
  • Wavelengths CONQUEROR-3LAMBDA: 355 nm (UV) and 532 nm (green) and 1064 nm (IR)
  • Pulse energy CONQUEROR -CORE u. -ALL-IN-ONE: (UV): 400 μJ, (green): 500 μJ, (IR): 750 μJ
  • Pulse energy CONQUEROR-3LAMBDA: (UV): 300 μJ, (green): 300 μJ, (IR) : 600 μJ
  • Average power: (UV): 10 W, (green): 14 W (internal) / 25 W (external), (IR): 30 W
  • Pulse duration: (UV): 8ns, (green): 10ns , (IR): 12ns
  • Beam quality: TEM 00 , M 2<1.3
  • Laser Class 4
  • Special features: Pure air cooling (optional water cooling for cleanroom applications), motorized THG shifter, mechanical safety shutter, medical technology approved power supply, laser power control

The high-performance Nd:YVO4 laser systems of the CONQUEROR product family are extremely compact, diode-pumped solid-state lasers. They combine compactness with maximum efficiency, characterized by high single pulse energies up to 750 μJ and pulse peak power up to 100 kW. CONQUEROR-CORE and CONQUEROR-ALL-IN-ONE laser systems are optionally configured as IR lasers (1064 nm), as green lasers (532 nm) or as UV lasers (355 nm). Whilst the miniaturized and lightweight CONQUEROR-CORE laser head generates the short laser pulses separately from the controller and power supply, all components of the CONQUEROR-ALL-IN-ONE are housed in a single housing for quick plug-and-play use. A distinctive feature of the ALL-IN-ONE setup is the CONQUEROR-3LAMBDA, with which all three available wavelengths (355, 532 and 1064 nm) can be selected separately so that the CONQUEROR-3LAMBDA replaces virtually three laser systems and is therefore the all-rounder for applications and investigations at different wavelengths. The minimum laser pulse duration is between 8 and 12 ns at a repetition rate of 40 kHz. The on-site replaceable pump laser module has an expected life of 100,000 hours. A motorized THG shifter is integrated in the UV laser systems. In Q-switched pulse mode, the modulation from the single pulse to the maximum pulse frequency of 500 kHz is possible without influencing the focal length position. The CONQUEROR product family covers a very wide range of applications and is used for industrial 24/7 production as well as for scientific and technical investigations in the laboratory environment. The CONQUEROR-CORE and CONQUEROR-ALL-IN-ONE laser systems are suitable for micro material processing such as cutting and drilling of solar cells, metal foils or transparent materials like glass and sapphire. The compact laser systems are also frequently used by CLS customers as special laser markers for the production of barcodes, plain text, serial numbers, high-quality graphics and logos on almost any workpiece. Applications are in the glass, electronics, medical technology and automotive industries.