Product ToolStation from the supplier Atlas Copco Tools
Product Features
  • All tensor STR, STB, and ST-screw spindles connectable
  • Control method: torque control, angle control, yield limit control
  • Process monitoring by torque and angle transducers
  • Hot-swap function for changing the screw
  • An uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Operation via Touch screen PC
  • Visualization of assembly sequence and mounting status
  • Individual access authorization levels
  • Import / export of screw data

The ToolStation, distributed by Atlas Copco, is a mobile station for the electrically operated Tensor STR, STB and ST screw systems with integrated control units. Control methods include the torque control, the rotation angle control, and the stretch control. The power supply is provided at the respective workplace via a mains plug. An intermittent, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) secures the controller and the PC against data loss. After setting the required screw parameters, the software assigns a suitable screw system for the manual screw operation. The hot-swap function enables the plugging, detection and automated configuration of the screw spindle during operation. Optionally, up to four tools can be controlled via an exchange box. Tensor STB screw spindles can also be connected via local radio networks. Application fields of the ToolStation are prototype construction, pre-production assembly, pilot lines, small series, reworking and repair as well as the reserve as a reserve for tool failures in the production line. In the case of workshop production with small numbers and / or large work pieces, a worker can make many different, hand-held screw connections.
When the screw is tightened, compensation is compensated for, among other things, as well as defective components and incorrectly coated materials are detected. The system checks the screw sequence for correctness and completeness. The montage status and assembly sequence are visualized. In the case of screw sequences, the operator guides give instructions on the monitor. IO / NIO feedback is performed on every screw connection, on every working instruction, and on every screen operation. Product identification numbers can be entered manually or via bar code scanner. Schedule data can be exported to a spreadsheet or database. The user access level is individually configurable.