Product Tensor DS nutrunner from the supplier Atlas Copco Tools
Product Features
  • Electric installation spindles for the torque-controlled screw connection in automated production
  • Digital I/O, a serial RS232 and an internal Atlas Copco bus are available to connect peripheral devices.

Atlas Copco offers electric installation spindles for the torque-controlled screw connection in automated production: TENSOR DS. For this purpose, the tool is equipped with the DigiTork digital torque control, which, in addition to the motor current, also takes account of the frequency, temperature and voltage of the motor. To monitor the screw-in path, the screwdriver has an angle sensor. Torque from 2 to 2000 Nm is covered by the series of screwdrivers with an accuracy of +/- 7.5% over 6 sigma. The DS Drive screw control unit takes over control, monitoring and power supply. Due to the controlled screw connection, screwing strategies such as Quickstep, two-stage suit or Ergoramp can achieve a consistently high screwing quality, even with different hard connections. The programming is carried out with the function AutoSet via the torque specification on the control unit or via the PC software ToolsTalk with extended settings.
A functioning screw channel is built up from the electric Tensor DS and the screw control unit. As control units, the basic version for simple screw applications and the advanced version for applications including belt control, screw monitoring and PLC functions are available.