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Multiple screwing system Express

Product Multiple screwing system Express from the supplier Atlas Copco Tools
Product Features
  • Cost-effective hand-held multiple screw applications can be realized
  • Can be used to cover the spectrum of process safety from level 3 to level 5

With the multiple screwing system Express, cost-effective hand-held multiple screw applications with very short delivery times can be realized on the basis of preconfigured solutions. Based on the product range offered by the Tensor S, Tensor ST and Power MACS 4000 product families and three basic rack designs, the screw system is compiled according to the customer's requirements. This can be used to cover the spectrum of process safety from level 3 to level 5. The screw system can be installed on up to 10 sliding channels. Through the online offer creation by the sales department, an offer can be submitted to the customer-specific multiple-gating system within a very short time. The screw system consists of the basic system, the screw spindle and the screw control with power section. The basic system is offered in three types: vertical, horizontal and horizontally rotatable. The Tensor DS product series with DigiTork control, Tensor S with PF3000 control or QMX spindles with powerMACS control can be used in accordance with the demands on accuracy, functionality and process reliability.