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Handheld nutrunners HSX
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source: Alfing Montagetechnik GmbH
Product features :
  • Handheld nutrunners HSX for monitored screw mounting
  • Angle tools or bar-nutrunners with straight square drive or spring deflection
  • Torque ranges: Straight square drive with and without spring travel 3-40 Nm (HSX1) or 18-131 Nm (HSX2), angular drive 5-105 Nm (HSX1) or 25-250 Nm (HSX2)
  • Integrated torque and rotary angle sensors
  • Integrated chip for spindle identification and as screw cycle counter
  • Optional integrated barcode scanner for screw detection and workpiece identification
  • PC-configurable control SMX100 or PC-based control SMX300

Description :
The handheld nutrunners HSX from Alfing Montagetechnik GmbH (AMT) are high-performance and ergonomic hand-held tools for supervised manual screw fastening with high torque repeatability. The nutrunners are driven by brushless electrically commutating EC motors and have integrated linear Hall sensors for rotational angle detection as well as torque sensors for screw torque measurement. In addition, the torque can be monitored via the current consumption. The nutrunners offer maximum torque as a bar-tool or angle-drive drive due to different transmission ratios. The spindle data, which are automatically recognized by all AMT controllers, are stored factory-made in an integrated data chip, which allows the tools to be exchanged without parameterization. The nutrunner is optionally equipped with an integrated barcode scanner for workpiece identification. The EC hand tools HSX1 / HSX2, whose individual models differ with different transmission ratios according to speed, torque, output, length and weight, are used for supervised manual torque and angle controlled screw mounting. The requirements for functional and safety-critical fittings with documentation requirements are met. A typical area of application is the final assembly of the car on the assembly line. The main application sector is the automotive industry. An operable HSX system includes the handhelds, a control system and the cables. Optionally, the HSX are equipped with an integrated bar code scanner and screw spot lighting. In combination with the modular Rail-Net assembly system, the construction of manual workstations with extended process monitoring is possible.

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