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Fixture nutrunners ECR
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source: Alfing Montagetechnik GmbH
Product features :
  • Fixture nutrunners with offset, angular and centric output
  • 4 sizes with a torque of up to 1200 Nm, larger torques on request
  • Speed range up to 1200 rpm
  • Torque control with rotation angle control
  • Rotation angle control with torque control
  • Stretching limit controlled tightening
  • Screw time monitoring
  • Angular resolution 0.5 degree
  • Angular accuracy +/- 3 degrees absolute
  • Maintenance cycle counter
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, Fieldbus, RS232, RS485, USB and PC expansion cards

Description :
Fixture nutrunners ECR are electrically driven mounting systems for stationary applications, available in four sizes with three output drives: offset, angular and inline output. The screw spindles have torques of up to 51 Nm (size 1), torques up to 207 Nm (size 2), torques up to 459 Nm (size 3), torques up to 1200 Nm (size 4) and work with SMX / SMXP controllers, which are designed for up to 64 channels. Processes of the screw process control are torque, angle of rotation and stretch control. The modular ECR with a maximum speed of 1200 rpm can be equipped with five torque stages with up to two torque sensors and two angle sensors. The angular resolution is 0.5 degrees and the angular accuracy +/- 3 degrees absolute. Parameterization and analysis of up to 999 screw curves are made via the comfortable graphical user interface of the integrated master PC. Interfaces such as Ethernet, fieldbus, RS232, RS485 and USB are available. The further processing of the data in higher-level computer systems and the connection to higher-level control computers and quality assurance systems is possible. If desired, the screw position can be monitored by means of a camera, ultrasonic triangulation, iTeleskop or by using the patented Railnet system. Reversing gears, an adapter for the use of redundant measuring shafts in series and key heads are optional. The installation rack systems are suitable for redundant measuring systems according to the recommendation of the VDI guideline 2826 for category A applications. ECR screw systems implement all tightening methods based on torque and angle of rotation and are versatile. Applications are found in the automotive industry, for example in engine, axle and gearbox assembly. ECR is offered in 5 design stages either without sensors, with torque sensor at the output, with torque and rotary angle sensor at the output, with torque sensor and angle sensor at the output as well as redundant torque sensor or with redundant torque and angle-of-rotation sensors. Accessories include control panel, signal transmitter, bar code reader, I/O modules, data carrier and cable.

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