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Angle correcting unit GyroFlex

Product Angle correcting unit GyroFlex from the supplier Alfing Montagetechnik
Product Features
  • Angle correction unit GyroFlex
  • Scattering 3 °
  • Determination of the actually applied angle of rotation
  • Reduction of the tightening factor
  • Reduction of the angular tolerance limit
  • Improvement of the screw comfort by dispensing with handling equipment
  • Cycle time optimization

The angular correction unit GyroFlex is an add-on module for all cable-bound AMT hand-held tools for detecting the deflection movement in the case of angle-controlled tightening methods. Since a worker can not hold the position of the hand nutrunner exactly as the torque increases, the screw angle does not correspond to the tightening angle which the tool supposedly has applied. The rotational angle of the output shaft, measured in the nutrunner, is calculated by the deflection movement transmitted to the SMX / SMXP controller and is automatically compensated during screwing. An impairment of the pre-tension force is avoided. Thereby, the tightening factor and the tolerance limit of the rotation angle control can be reduced. With a reduced tightening factor, a smaller screw cross-section section can be used and screw connections can thus be dimensioned smaller. Further improvements result from the absence of supports and telescopic brackets. The simplified handling allows for cycle time optimization.
The angular correction unit GyroFlex is suitable as an add-on module for AMT hand-held tools for detecting the evading movement of the operator from the application of the screw head in the case of angle-controlled tightening methods. The GyroFlex angle correction unit is available for all cable-bound AMT hand tools. The module can be used in combination with AMT handhelds many industries. The handheld tools are available in two sizes, which have torques up to 64 Nm and up to 250 Nm. Pistol screwdrivers with GyroFlex module reach a maximum of 25 Nm. SMX / SMXP control is necessary.