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Joining systems for Laser soldering

Typical assembly machines
The soldering technology for laser soldering includes components, machines and customer-specific systems and can be used for soldering, brazing or high-temperature soldering. During laser soldering, the energy for heating the joining parts and for melting the solder is introduced by a laser beam focused on the soldering point. Laser soldering is a material joining process, in which the joining partners are joined by solder as an additional material. The soldering process can also take place unde...

Supplier: Joining systems for Laser soldering

ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier GmbH, 12487 Berlin, Deutschland
ELMOTEC Antriebstechnik AG, 5314 Kleindöttingen, Schweiz
EUTECT GmbH, 72144 Dusslingen, Deutschland
SEHO Systems GmbH, 97892 Kreuzwertheim, Deutschland
Unitechnologies SA, 3238 Gals, Schweiz
Wolf Produktionssysteme GmbH, 72250 Freudenstadt, Deutschland