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Joining technology for Laser soldering

Source: mta automation ag
The soldering technology for laser soldering includes components, machines and customer-specific systems and can be used for soldering, brazing or high-temperature soldering. During laser soldering, the energy for heating the joining parts and for melting the solder is introduced by a laser beam focused on the soldering point. Laser soldering is a material joining process, in which the joining partners are joined by solder as an additional material. The soldering process can also take place under inert gas or in a vacuum. The laser beam enables the point-to-point transmission of a high energy to the soldering points, which are heated very narrowly in time and space. As a result, almost no thermal load occurs on the components. Laser soldering allows high quality solder joints with high process reliability and is particularly suitable for joining high-sensitivity components as well as for...

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