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Joining technology for Iron soldering

Source: mta automation ag
Iron soldering is a contacting process for producing spot-shaped solder joints even in hard-to-reach locations. The soldering technique for automatic iron soldering is used for soft-soldering, and includes components, systems, machines and customer-specific systems. Iron soldering can be carried out manually or automatically, is the simplest soldering process and is used exclusively for soft-soldering. The method is also suitable for places which are difficult to access and can be located in the surrounding air. The soldering tip can also be shaped as a workpiece-specific heating die. Iron soldering machines and automated iron soldering systems are soldering units made of soldering bit with tip, solder wire feed, translation axis and control. A fully automatic handling for the positioning of the soldering unit, a cleaning device for the soldering tip and a soldering smoke extraction are ...

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