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Joining technology for Induction soldering

Source: Frisch GmbH mechatronic systems
The soldering technique for induction brazing includes components, systems, machines and customer-specific systems for soft soldering and brazing with inductive heating. Induction brazing, also referred to as inductive brazing, is a non-contact joining process for electrically conductive components. The joining parts are enclosed at the soldering point by an induction loop, which is supplied with a high-frequency alternating current and generates an electromagnetic alternating field. The alternating field induces in the joining parts a voltage which generates an alternating current and causes a heating of the current-carrying surface. Induction brackets allow constant and wear-free contactless energy input, but are only suitable for soldering partners with a geometry that can be covered by an induction loop. Induction soldering systems consist basically of induction loop, high frequency ...

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