Knowledge in Factory automation

Joining technology for Force fitting

Force fitting is a manufacturing process for joining workpieces with a geometrically determined fixed shape. By means of a linear pressing movement, a permanent, non-positive or force-locking and form-fitting connection is made by press fit or by deformation. To press in, the axes of the joining and base parts must be precisely aligned with one another and positioned under the assembly press. The press-in process consists of the threading of the joining parts and the subsequent pressing until reaching a fixed stop, a defined force or a predetermined path. In order to be able to evaluate the quality of the press connection, monitoring by force-displacement sensors can be carried out during the joining process. Typical application fields are shaft-hub connections, such as the insertion of shafts into wheels, toothed wheels or rotors, the use of centering pins and bolts as well as the joining of contacts in plastic housings.
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