Knowledge in Factory automation

Assembly systems for Pens

Typical products
  • pencils and ink rollers
  • felt-tip pens and fountain pens
  • others (crayons, brushes)
Writing instruments are used to apply ink or graphite to a writing medium. They are characterized by a thin, elongated design, which makes it easy to hold and guide while writing. Typical examples are pencils (pencils, wooden pencils), pencils (fountain pens), felt pens (text markers), ballpoint pens and ink rollers, but also brushes, handles, crayons and chalkboards. For more typing convenience, variants are available for right and left handers. Wooden pencils, for example, can also be used for painting, pencils for drawing.

Suppliers: Assembly systems for Pens

Contexo GmbH, 73650 Winterbach, Deutschland
Dietz & Rollwa Automation GmbH, 76307 Karlsbad-Ittersbach, Deutschland
KÄHNY Maschinenbau GmbH, 71522 Backnang-Steinbach, Deutschland
LAS Lean Assembly Systems GmbH, 73547 Lorch-Weitmars, Deutschland
Mikron Automation, 2017 Boudry, Schweiz
OPTIMA automation GmbH, 70736 Fellbach, Deutschland
ROTHWEIN Technik GmbH, 71334 Waiblingen-Hegnach, Deutschland
Rudi Hutt Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, 73650 Winterbach, Deutschland
STIWA Automation GmbH, 4800 Attnang, Österreich
TECMES S.r.l., 26010 Vaiano Cremasco, Italien