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Assembly systems for Roof systems

Typical products:
  • adjustment mechanism
  • sunroofs and panoramic roofs
  • convertible roofs
Roof systems of passenger cars are modules for comfort enhancement. Depending on the model, different roof systems can be installed, which contribute to the improvement of the all-round view, the fresh air supply and the light incident. Examples include sunroofs, panoramic roofs, folding tops or convertible tops, such as soft tops and lined fabric covers. In contrast to fixed roof elements and removable hardtops, they have an adjustment function. The operating comfort is model-dependent, analogous to the opening / closing of the vehicle roof, the locking and the locking can be done manually or automatically by the push of a button, as well as the necessary adjustment of the window position. All covers consist of the outer shell, the movable and model-dependent motor-driven substructure and an inner roof skin. Open roof systems disappear under a cover or can be lowered into the trunk. As ...

Products: Assembly systems for Roof systems

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