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Assembly systems for Instrument panel and cockpit assemblies

Source: Faurecia
Typical products:
  • instrument panels
  • cockpit Systems
Instrument panels are central display modules on the driver's side, integrated into the cockpit systems. They are used primarily for vehicle operation and unit protection. At present, the importance for information transfer and security increases constantly. Displaying rotational speed, speed and fuel level give the driver important information in order to operate the vehicle propperly. To protect the main units such as engine and gearbox, the water and oil temperature, the oil pressure and a battery charge indicator are displayed as well. The information exchange includes, for example, time, driven distances for the day and total route, average fuel consumption and navigation. If the distance to the preceding vehicle is too short or the tire pressure is too low, warning messages are issued for safety reasons. Cockpit systems are also referred to as dashboards. Within the vehicle, they a...

Products: Assembly systems for Instrument panel and cockpit assemblies

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