Knowledge in Factory automation

Assembly systems for Car seats

Typical products:
  • seats
  • backrests
  • full seats
  • recliners
  • height adjusters
  • neck support adjusters
  • seat rails
Vehicle seats are designed for comfort, ergonomics and occupant protection for drivers and passengers. Particularly in the driver's seat, the adjustment of the seat position to the respective driver plays a large role so that the steering wheel and the pedals can be easily reached. The safety functions of vehicle seats include, in addition to an adjustable headrest and a seatbelt holder, often also integrated side airbags. Above all, in the event of an accident, all occupants must be safely held in their sitting position. Seat structures must not be released from the attachment during a rear impact and must withstand a load of at least 6.8 kN. Vehicle seats consist of seat structures (seat and backrest or complete seats), seat fittings (backrest, height and neck support adjusters) as well as seat rails. In addition to these automated assemblies, foams and fabric or leather covers are add...

Products: Assembly systems for Car seats

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