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Marking technology for Industrial Labeling with automatic Application

Industrial labeling technology refers to components, systems and solutions for printing, dispensing and semi-automatic and fully automatic application of labels from a roll. Labelling is a process for indirect marking. The marking content is printed on affixable labels using non-contact or touching methods, as well as flexible or fixed content. Common printers are thermal transfer printers, direct thermal printers, inkjet and laser printers. The printed label is then detached from a carrier tape by a label dispenser, picked up by an applicator and positioned correctly relative to the object and then adhered to the stationary or moving object by mechanical pressing or a blast of compressed air. Furthermore tasks in object recognition, position recognition and print control can be realized with image processing systems. Important users of industrial labeling technology are the food and beverage industry, fillers of beverage bottles, the consumer goods industry, such as producers of detergents or cosmetics, the automotive supply industry and several other industries.

Supplier: Marking systems for Industrial Labeling with automatic Application

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