Knowledge in Factory automation

Assembly systems for Pumps

Source: Bosch Rexroth
Pumps for pumping fluids are versatile. Typical fields of application are vehicle construction, industrial and mobile hydraulics, heating technology and water supply. Typical pump variants of motor vehicles are fuel injection pumps, water and oil pumps. Injection pumps are metering pumps for injecting a specific fuel quantity per time interval. Oil pumps are used in a closed circuit between the lubrication points, the oil filter and the oil pan for engine lubrication. Power steering pumps are used to increase driving comfort. Vacuum pumps are functionally classified as compressors. Continuous-flow machines such as compressors and blowers are used for compressible media, whose transport requires compression. The mechanical movement of fluids without guidance of the influx and the outflow is a commission of propellers and fans.
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