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Assembly systems for Filters

Typical products:
  • air filter
  • oil filter
  • fuel filter
  • diesel particle filter / soot particle filter
  • air filter in air-conditioning systems
  • pollen filter
  • water filter
  • compressed air filter
Filters are used to clean liquids or gaseous media. They are used to remove individual constituents or impurities. Typical fields of application are automotive, household / domestic technology and industry. To remove air filters, for example, remove aerosols and impurities, remove oil filters, remove dirt particles and residues from the oil circuit of a vehicle. Modern oil filter modules also have a cooling function. In the field of pneumatics, filters are important components of maintenance units used in mechanical engineering for the preparation and supply of compressed air. An exemplary maintenance unit consists of an on-off valve, pressure control valve / filter control valve, pressure build-up valve, filter, oiler and dryer. The quality of the compressed air is decisive for a long service life and high availability of pneumatic industrial systems. Domestic water installations are used for water treatment in order to remove solid particles and prevent damage to the pipeline system. Operating and service water systems are also equipped with filters.

Products: Assembly systems for Filters

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