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Assembly systems for Solenoid coils and actuating solenoids

Typical products
  • magnetic coils
  • actuation magnets
Magnetic coils and actuation magnets are electromagnetic components for electromechanical and fluidic applications. Magnetic coils move the slider of valves as an anchor, actuation magnets with their own anchors are mainly used for positioning tasks, eg for interlocks. In the case of magnetic coils, classic coils with windings are to be distinguished around a solid body and air coils. Typical coil diameters are between 22 and 32 mm. Magnetic coils induce a magnetic field to attract the armature ...

Suppliers: Assembly systems for Solenoid coils and actuating solenoids

69800 Saint-Priest, Frankreich
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AFT Automation GmbH, 75248 Ölbronn-Dürrn, Deutschland
Aumann Limbach-Oberfrohna GmbH, 9212 Limbach-Oberfrohna, Deutschland
Autec Sondermaschinenbau GmbH, 92224 Amberg, Deutschland
Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme GmbH, 28239 Bremen, Deutschland
D. Friedrich GmbH & Co. KG, 73630 Remshalden, Deutschland
Dietz & Rollwa Automation GmbH, 76307 Karlsbad-Ittersbach, Deutschland
ima-tec GmbH, 97273 Kürnach, Deutschland
KÄHNY Maschinenbau GmbH, 71522 Backnang-Steinbach, Deutschland
Lanco Integrated Asia Hongkong, China
Lanco Integrated GmbH & Co. KG, 73650 Winterbach, Deutschland
LAS Lean Assembly Systems GmbH, 73547 Lorch-Weitmars, Deutschland
LTL Maschinenbau GmbH, 31737 Rinteln, Deutschland
OPTIMA automation GmbH, 70736 Fellbach, Deutschland
Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, 87642 Halblech, Deutschland
Reinhardt Technik GmbH, 58566 Kierspe, Deutschland
Sipro S.r.l. Lentate sul Seveso, Italien
STIWA Automation GmbH, 4800 Attnang, Österreich
ZBV-AUTOMATION GmbH, 53842 Troisdorf, Deutschland
Ziegler + Schenk GmbH & Co. KG, 73037 Göppingen, Deutschland