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Assembly systems for Solenoid coils and actuating solenoids

Typical products:
  • magnetic coils
  • actuation magnets
Magnetic coils and actuation magnets are electromagnetic components for electromechanical and fluidic applications. Magnetic coils move the slider of valves as an anchor, actuation magnets with their own anchors are mainly used for positioning tasks, eg for interlocks. In the case of magnetic coils, classic coils with windings are to be distinguished around a solid body and air coils. Typical coil diameters are between 22 and 32 mm. Magnetic coils induce a magnetic field to attract the armature of the valve, which is guided in a guide tube through the coil and up to the core pole. In this arrangement, liquid or gaseous substances flow through the open valve. Due to a voltage drop in the coil, the stainless steel magnet armature moves back into the initial position, Whereby the valve is closed and the material flow is interrupted. Depending on the model, versions are available for high-te...

Products: Assembly systems for Solenoid coils and actuating solenoids

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